2004 Fujian Dong Fang Mei Ren (8 g)

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This Beauty was bought by our Chinese friend at the tea market in Beijing and brought to Prague to his restaurant. We didn’t get much information from him about this tea. Like most friends we have in China, they rate tea according to whether it tastes or doesn’t taste. This tea is really delicious and so we did not search more about it and just enjoyed its intense, sweet smell and taste. We assume this is a cultivar of Qing Xin Da Mao, but we wouldn’t put a „hand in the fire“ for it.

Aroma: intense aroma of dried flowers (chrysanthemum, rose), dried apricots, dried apples, orange peel, sandalwood, virgin tobacco, rare spices

The taste is very full and beautifully corresponds to the tones in the aroma. The aftertaste is long, intensely sweet and spicy.

Harvest: 2004

Area: Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 8 g